Jewelry Insurance appraisal

Imperial Gem Lab offers Jewelry Appraisal Reports which are required by Insurance companies. Have your Jewelry appraised with confidence in the comfort of our Vancouver Appraisal Lab.

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Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance

As a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, consumer trust and confidence is very important to Imperial Gem Lab. With ethics and social responsibility at the forefront. CJA members aim to provide their customers with the highest quality of service and information available when it comes to appraising gemstones and jewellery. 

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Diamond and Engagement Ring Appraisals

It’s common for couples to get their engagement and wedding rings appraised for insurance purposes.

If you have recently bought a diamond or have received one as a gift, consider having it insured.

A full written appraisal report will be presented to you at the end of your appointment. Two to three items take approximately one hour to complete

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GIA diamond Grading report

What Do You Need For the Appraisal?

Prior to arriving for you appointment, collecting supporting documents such as diamond grading reports, sales receipts detailed stones weights, and previous appraisals can be helpful for to appraiser.

What Do You Need For Insurance?

The official appraisal document will include an unbiased opinion as to the identity, composition, qualities and values of your items delivered in an official Appraisal Report.

Call us, or book online to set up your Insurance Appraisal.

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