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360° View Photo Service

Show your products from every angle with our robust 360° photo view software.

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360° jewelry photography

Sell Faster. 
Sell For More.

Use 360° view photographs to sell your Jewelry faster and for a higher price. 

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Enhance your jewelry visuals to bring your personal items to life. 

Hassle-free photography with an instant turn around.

Upgrading your jewelry visuals has never been more affordable. 

360° view photos have been proven to sell for higher prices.

Looks Matter!

Show off your fine jewelry using 360° spin technology. 

Why 360° View Photos?

  1. Sell your jewelry faster on buy & sell listings using eye catching 360° photos.
  2. Impress your friends and show off that special ring on your favourite Social Media channels.
  3. Enrich your insurance file with a complementing 360° photo of your personal item.




enhance your jewelry Visuals

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Attract More Potential Buyers

Boost the amount of qualified buyers with eye-catching and interactive 360° view photos. 

Stand Out From The Crowd

Are you selling on busy online marketplaces like Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or 360° photos will give you the edge and help you get noticed. 

Identification In Case Of Loss

Having a 360° view of your jewelry can help with replacement items, insurance pay-outs, and help locate a stolen item. It will also assist any craftsman with the refabrication of custom made items.


Increase Your Jewelry’s Value

Presentation is the key to getting the highest value possible for your personal items. 360° Spin photos can help elevate the net worth of your items. 

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Selling At Auction?

If you’re planning on selling your personal items at an auction house, having 360° view photos can help create more excitement and increase potential bidders ahead of the auction. 

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How Does It Work?

Book an appointment for an appraisal at our lab and ask for the 360° view photo service at the same time. The 360° photo will be taken at your appraisal appointment while you wait. Once complete, your 360° photo is converted into a downloadable file and delivered via email. 

What Technology Do You Use?

Using current technology and photographic tools designed to capture high quality photos and videos, such as the GemLightBox, we are able to quickly produce professional quality video files. Upon uploading the file to the hosting site, the video is converted to an interactive 360° “Spin”. The spin is compressed and fed back to the user at optimal download speeds, giving a smooth interactive viewing experience.


What Is The Cost?

The fee for each 360° view photo is $39.95. 

What Formats Do My 360° Photos Come In?

Your 360 Photo will be delivered in standard MP4 video format. You will be provided with a URL link to your 360° Photo, accessible via a Google Drive link. 

Can I Just Have The 360° Photo Taken?

Yes, this service is available as a standalone service if you do not need an appraisal.

How Do I Get Started?

Book an appointment at our conveniently located office for an appraisal and ask for the 360° degree photo service at the same time. Visit booking page

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