The Four C’s of ASA’s Gems & Jewelry

The ASA recently published a great article about a new set of 4C’s. For those who have an interest in diamonds and gemstones, you might familiar with the 4C’s of diamonds; cut, clarity, color, and carat.  What you may not know is that there is another set of “4C’s” that explain why hiring an ASA-designated appraiser is so important. 

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1. Competent – ASA-Designated Appraisers are Highly Skilled Gems & Jewelry Professionals

Your ASA-designated appraiser has the education, experience, and professionalism to solve whatever valuation questions you may have.  Our training is designed to ensure that we can perform the necessary testing and research that is needed to provide the answers you need, when you need them.

2. Credible – ASA-Designated Appraisers Provide Clients with a Thorough Understanding of the Value Determined

The information and value opinions your ASA-designated appraiser provides are based on precise evaluation and market driven data that assure you that it is believable and supported by evidence.  We don’t guess, we perform the necessary research and analysis to give you answers you can trust.

3. Confident –  ASA-Designated Appraisers are Well-Qualified and Equipped to Defend Value Positions

The solid, ethical underpinning and expertise of your ASA-designated appraiser provide you reasons to be confident in ,your appraisal.  We are required and expected to be independent, unbiased, and ethical in every facet of our practice.  Rest-assured we are not acting out of self-interest nor are we influenced by external factors that might impact the integrity of your valuation.

4. Credentialed – ASA-Designated Appraisers are Current, Experienced, Qualified, and Reputable

When you see the ASA credential you know you are working with the most highly trained professionals in the industry.  Any appraiser earning the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation has an extensive background of education, experience, and training that is ongoing.  If you also see the Master Gemologist Appraiser (MGA) certification, you are working with an appraiser who has reached the pinnacle of the Gems & Jewelry appraisal profession.  The Master Gemologist Appraiser credential requires significantly more education, testing, and gemological laboratory certification to earn and to retain and is considered the gold standard by which all other Gems & Jewelry appraisers are judged.

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