Master Gemologist Appraiser® Harold Lindsay provides clients with peace of mind through Same Day Jewelry Appraisals, Quality Analysis Reports and Diamond Confirmation Services

Diamond Certification Confirmation

Many “certified” diamonds will be laser inscribed with a small serial number and or logo on their girdle to help identify it and tie it to its report. Imperial Gem Lab’s Diamond Confirmation Service ensures lasting peace of mind about your newly purchased diamond. 

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Extremely professional, experienced

Harold is an extremely professional, experienced, and friendly individual. I have returned many times in the past three years for his appraisal service. Harold is knowledgeable with the gemstones, diamonds, rare metals and gives very accurate representations of the pieces.

Appraiser of choice

We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive, honest, and approachable Gem Appraisal Lab in Canada. Read the rest of our reviews on Google.

Estate and Probate Appraisals

Fair market valuations are often required by estate executors for probate, or family division or other purposes. Our fees for written fair market valuations are charged on a per item basis

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Gem Identification & Quality Reports

All Quality reports adhere to the GIA’s 4Cs of Diamond Quality; Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Imperial Gem Lab’s jewelry Quality Analysis Report and photography service will facilitate your quest to realize the best return for your jewelry.

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Insurance Appraisals

Imperial Gem Lab offers Jewelry Appraisal Reports which are required by Insurance companies.

Typical Insurance Appraisals cover Engagement and Wedding Rings, Estate Jewelry, high value diamonds and much more.

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