What’s the Difference between Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds?

What are the major differences between natural and laboratory-grown diamonds? Learn more about laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds, from how they are formed to how to detect the differences. GIA, the world leader in gemology and diamond grading, gives insights on how to make a decision about which kind of diamond is best for you.

The Four C’s of ASA’s Gems & Jewelry

The ASA recently published a great article about a new set of 4C’s. For those who have an interest in diamonds and gemstones, you might familiar with the 4C’s of diamonds; cut, clarity, color, and carat.  What you may not know is that there is another set of “4C’s” that explain why hiring an ASA-designated appraiser […]

Fact Checking Diamond Fluorescence: Myths Dispelled

Imperial Gem Lab’s Harold speaks with Andrew Kwong from Christine Jewellers. Fact Checking Diamond Fluorescence: Myths Dispelled. Watch it now. To help answer the most common Jewellery Appraisal questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn more. For any Jewelry Appraisal requirements, head on over to our Booking Calendar and see when the […]