Send us your photos

If you are unsure as to which items require full appraisal, upload your image and we will respond with a quotation of appraisal fees.

Optionally, providing us with a brief description of the items and the type of gemological/appraisal service you are looking for will help us meet your needs. The most common appraisal services we provide are for insurance purposes and estate/trust settlement, however many clients just want to know the quality of their items or to confirm a sellers claims of value.


    Tips for taking photos of your jewelry

    Taking photos of your jewelry and uploading them is easy! Today’s smart phones take excellent shots and facilitate the upload to our website. In taking the photographs try to use sufficient lighting, without casting shadows on the items. A background such as white bond paper along with an overhead white light, such as that emitted by daylight or cool white fluorescent lamps works best. If you have large or complex items it is sometimes helpful to provide several photos at various angles of the item.