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Household Insurance Policies

Jewellery appraisal fees vary according to the complexity of the item being appraised and the intended use of the appraisal. As professional appraisers we strive to provide thorough and detailed appraisals and charge a fair fee according to the job done.

Most items are charged on a per item basis although an hourly rate can be negotiated for certain services, such as consultations or out of office jobs.

We will provide you with an estimate of the fees for your appraisal before any work is done. See “Contact” for more information

Note: In accordance with CJA (CAP) rulings we do not charge a percentage fee based on the value of the items being appraised.

Stand alone jewelry insurance policies

What if you wish to insure your jewelry but you don’t have a household insurance policy. Your one carat diamond engagement ring needs coverage now but you don’t have a permanent residence yet. Although most insurance companies do not offer stand alone jewelry polices, one company that does is Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Their Perfect Circle™ Jewellery Insurance policy acts in a similar manner to a household scheduled jewelry policy but without the need for household insurance.

In addition your PerfectCircle policy has a unique “Loose stone” coverage in the event your unmounted gem stone is accidently damaged while being set by your jeweller. Normally the jeweller/setter will not cover your stone against damage. To learn more, visit “” where you can receive a no-obligation quote and online application.