Why Do You Need A Jewellery Appraisal?

Imperial Gem Lab’s Harold speaks with Andrew Kwong from Christine Jewellers, on the importance of a Jewellery Appraisal.

Andrew: “Hi this is andrew from christian jewellers right here with me is Harald Lindsay the master gemologist appraiser from Imperial Gem Lab.”

Andrew: “Harold can you tell us about your what you do?”

Harold: “yeah I do jewelry appraisals gem identification and diamond grading for the public as well as for jewelry stores in the Lower Mainland Vancouver area

Andrew: “A lot of people are wondering why is it beneficial to have your jewelry appraised and what’s the purpose of it an appraisal?’

Harold: “I work mostly for insurance purposes. Insurance companies require jewelry appraisals in order for their clients to be able to insure that jewelry. So that’s one of my functions.

Harold: “and also diamond grading confirming quality and analysis of diamonds and colored gems. Sometimes it’s for insurance purposes, other times its for families who inherit jewelry from their their parents or their grandparents and they need to have the them assessed for value so that the pieces can be divvied up.

Harold: “Or perhaps it has to be solved the estate that has to know how much it’s worth. The government sometimes likes to know for tax purposes our states are charged tax and jewelry is part of the estate quite often.”

Harold: “Other times other people are buying and selling and they want to know if they’ve got a good deal or they haven’t bought it yet and they want to know if it is a good buy so they they give me the items of jewelry or they make an appointment.”

“Andrew: If I have a GIA certificate would I still need an appraisal done?”

Harold: “Yeah the GIA difference is a stands for Gemological Institute of America and they’re the company that developed the diamond grading system that the bitch made was used around the world today and that is a report on a diamond that the GIA has examined it gives you the the characteristics quality the fourth they call the 4C’s.

The color, clarity, carat weight, and cut and it does not go into the value of the piece so even though you might have a GI a report on a diamond if you want to insure it there’s no value on it so you still need to get it appraised which is about evaluation.“

Andrew: “so an appraisal gives you a dollar amount how much how much it cost versus GIA certificate just tells you the specification of the diamond

Thanks for explaining to us what a jewellery appraisal is today

For more information you can go to Imperial Gem Lab’s website at Imperialgemlab.com or you can visit us at Christinejewelers.com

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