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Fact Checking Diamond Fluorescence: Myths Dispelled

Imperial Gem Lab’s Harold speaks with Andrew Kwong from Christine Jewellers. Fact Checking Diamond Fluorescence: Myths Dispelled. Watch it now. To help answer the most common Jewellery Appraisal questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn more. For any Jewelry Appraisal requirements, head on over to our Booking Calendar and see when the […]

Selling Your Jewellery

This guide will help you with everything involved with selling your jewelry. In this post we will go over the: How to sell your jewelry How jewelry is valued Do you need a full jewelry appraisal Where to sell jewelry How to get the highest value for your jewelry Bonus tips for selling jewelry (video […]

Harold Lindsay – NAJA Bio

As originally posted in the “The Jewelry Appraiser – a Publication of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers” Early Life Growing up in the small town of Saint- Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, I spent my youthful years often exploring the local mountain for seashell fossils laid down millions of years ago under a vast inland sea. The […]

A Journey to the Scorpion Tsavorite Mine, Kenya

gem appraisals kenya

Klak klak klak klak, the jarring sound of the jack hammer filled the chamber as the miner bore down on seemingly impenetrable hard rock. The racket was deafening. The air warm and thick with humidity. Marwin glanced up to note my arrival at this point, some 300 meters down the famous Scorpion mine shaft No. […]

Sri Lanka, a Gemstone Adventure

Sri Lanka, a Gemstone Adventure The name Sri Lanka, known as Ceylon during the British colonial era evokes images of a far off land known around the world for its tea, and among gem enthusiasts for its rich history as a source of fine sapphires and a myriad of other gems. An island state in […]

Tanzanian Gem Safari – A perfect holiday

Tanzanian Gem Safari – A perfect holiday A journey into East Africa Combining family vacations while pursuing the holy gemstone grail has probably been the bane of many a spouse of the avid gemologist. I for one am guilty of such pursuits, however this summer my wife Carol did not complain when I announced that […]

Idar-Oberstein, a journey to the fabled gem cutting centre


With the 2017 Tucson Gem Show just around the corner, the anticipation and excitement of seeing the worlds beautiful gems is in the air. As I pack my bags for this annual pilgrimage, I reflect back on our 2016 adventure to the Scorpion tsavorite mine in Kenya and to the fabled gemstone town of Idar-Obserstein, […]

Journey to Jaipur, The 2017 ICA Congress

jaipur city

  Bollywood and Maharajas…..thoughts of India conjure up exotic images of far-off lands, cultures and sights.  The source of such famous diamonds as the Hope and the Koh-i-Noor, India attracted the famous gemstone dealer, Jean Baptist Tavernier during the 1700 century in search of these fabulous gems to satisfy the desires of French royalty. An […]