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Selling Your Jewellery

“Digital Photographs” and a detailed description of your jewelry are invaluable assets when it comes to selling your jewelry.

Imperial Gem Lab’s jewelry Quality Analysis Report and photography service will facilitate your quest to realize the best return for your jewelry. Although we do not buy or sell jewelry, our advice and services will help you save time and effort for a task that at times, can seem daunting.

What is it worth?

While the majority of the appraisals we do are for insurance purposes (Retail Replacement Value), a Fair Market Valuation (FMV) is more appropriate when it comes to determining what you might expect to sell your jewelry for. Two basic methods for determining jewelry value are the cost method and the comparison method. While the latter is usually used for insurance purposes the comparison method is the most appropriate when determining the FMV. Historical auction market results are used as a basis for comparison in determining your jewelry’s FMV. These values reflect what like items to your jewelry have sold for at auctions, being the most common market place for reselling pre-owned jewelry.

Imperial Gem Lab Ltd. can assist you in liquidating your jewelry.

A popular avenue for selling pre-owned jewelry is through auction houses. They provide you with a simple and efficient means to liquidate your jewelry. Dupuis Auction and Maynard Auction are two Canadian auction houses that hold regular jewelry auctions. Among their services, both houses offer limited on line pre-auction estimates of your jewelry’s potential hammer price.

By providing your digital photographs and data from IGL’s Quality Analysis Report to the auction’s web site you can easily determine whether the auction method of selling is right for you. The more precise your description and detailed your photographs the better auction house can determine its value. Keep in mind that some auctions are reserved for particular types of jewelry. For instance Dupuis prefers to auction diamond jewelry containing carat and over diamonds, period pieces and high end brand watches.

Book you appointment today to get your Quality Analysis Report and jewelry photographed. We can then advise you on any upcoming auctions and even upload your jewelry information for you. Alternately if you decide at a later time to sell your jewelry you can upload the digital photos we provide to you and input the data from your report yourself. A link is provided here to access the input screens of Dupuis Auction and Maynard Auction