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Diamond Confirmation Service

When purchasing a diamond, one is often presented with a Diamond Grading Report from an independent grading lab describing the characteristics of the diamond. Many “certified” diamonds will be laser inscribed with a small serial number and or logo on their girdle to help identify it and tie it to its report. If the diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gemological Society Laboratories, an online Report Checker can be used to view the diamond’s report. The laser inscribed serial number and exact diamond carat weight must be used to access the report database.

Imperial Gem Lab Diamond Confirmation Service will give you peace of mind when purchasing your diamond. Using our state of the art microscopes and digital cameras we can confirm whether your newly purchased diamond matches the diamond report.  

Book your appointment today to take advantage of our consultation service, and if desired, we can provide you with a Diamond Confirmation Certificate verifying your diamond.