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Imperial Gem Lab strives to employ the latest technologies to provide its clients with a first class product. Advances in gemology have made it necessary for us to constantly update our equipment and knowledge in order to maintain abreast of our industry.

Clarity grading diamonds using our new digital microscope cameras now provides us with an opportunity to record minute details of your diamond and present them to you printed on your appraisal or as jpeg files on CD. A photograph of a natural inclusion in your gemstone or laser identification inscription will provide you with greater insight and with it, joy, in owning your unique gemstone.

Colour grading diamonds can best be performed under controlled lighting conditions while out of the mounting. Diamond fluorescence is also checked for to determine any effect on the diamond’s apparent colour.

The cut grade of a diamond is one of the its important attributes and refers to the overall manner in which a diamond reacts with light as well as the finish of the stone.

Advances in the art of diamond cutting have spurned innovative developments in cut grading technology. Imperial Gem Lab uses the American Gem Society A.S.E.T instrument, shown here, to display and record how well your diamond has been cut. This unique camera system can be used for determining cut quality of both loose and mounted diamonds.

In addition to exhibiting how symmetrical the diamond’s cut is, the ASET image pattern will confirm a diamonds reflective performance.