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Since 1987, Imperial Gem Lab has directly served British Columbia families and individuals needing reliable and professional appraisal and gem identification. Both the insurance and jewelry industries also call on IGL’s expertise and impeccable credentials for service.

IGL provides a full Market Value Appraisal service on fine jewelry, single and multiple estate pieces, insurance reports and diamond valuations for investment or estate reasons. Couples often book appointments with IGL’s master appraiser, Harold Lindsay, for the assurance of knowing that their recent engagement and wedding ring purchases are of the quality and value stated on their certificates. 

Our Commitment to You

Imperial Gem Labs’s mission is to provide you with an unbiased, accurate assessment of your jewelry and gemstones using the latest appraisal technology available.

Clients of IGL enjoy the peace of mind of ‘While-You-Wait’ service. With treasured pieces in sight at all times through with our signature Same-Day-Service, you are assured your valuables are safe, in the same condition you brought them in and you can enjoy the process and post valuation conference.

You are guaranteed acceptance of your appraisal reports by insurers as Imperial Gem Labs has an industry wide reputation for accuracy, reliability and integrity. 

Harold Lindsay master gemologist

Harold Lindsay
Master Appraiser

Master Gemologist Appraiser. Registered Master Valuer Program (RMV). G.G., C.A.P.

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What you can expect at your in person appointment

  • A discussion with master appraiser Harold Lindsay on the purpose of your appraisal or report. This helps determine the nature of the appraisal.
  • An estimate of charges before moving forward. Your fee is based on the time involved, or the number of pieces requiring appraisal, but not the percentage of the value.

IGL is committed to protect your valuables by providing premium same-day service and the most accurate information available for appraising jewellery and gemstones. Your valuables are never kept overnight

Find (link to map) Imperial Gem Lab conveniently located in Vancouver at the corner of Boundary and Kingsway at the Central Park Business Centre (across from Central Park and the Telus building). Metered and free parking is available around and below the building.

Clarity grading

Using our new digital microscope cameras now provides us with an opportunity to record minute details of your diamond and present them to you printed on your appraisal or as jpeg files on CD.

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Colour and Cut Grading

Diamonds are best assessed under controlled lighting conditions while out of their mounting. The diamond’s fluorescence is also checked to determine any effect on its apparent colour.

The cut grade of a diamond is one of the its important attributes. This refers to the overall manner in which a diamond reacts with light as well as the finish of the stone.

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